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Why buy this product
Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life.
Continuous speed control trigger: for a gentle start and a lock-on for continuous operation.
With rubberised resting bar for safe laying down.
Estimated working time 30 to 35 minutes
Ideal for automotive, maritime and aviation applications.
Polishes with low speed and high torque, for heat-sensitive surfaces.

About this product
The Flex PE 150 18.0 EC Rotary is now also available on battery! Never again suffer from a cable during polishing with the Flex PE 150 18.0 EC. Due to the low weight the ergonomic design and the soft-grip handle the Flex PE 150 18.0 EC is easy to handle. The built-in speed control ensures that polishing can be done in a stable and comfortable manner at different speeds. The EMS Electronic Management System protects the machine, extends service life and increases efficiency. The machine has a LED battery capacity indicator. The Flex battery system allows you to be able to continuously polish because the battery is charged in a short time.

The set contains:
1 Flex PE 150 18.0 EC.
1 backing plate 150Ø.
1 handle.
2 batteries 5.0 Ah AP 18.0/5.0.
1 charger CA 10.8/18.0.
1 carrying case L-BOXX® 238.
1 case insert.


Max. polishing pad diameter 160mm
Max. backing plate diameter 150mm
Speed 150-1450 rpm
Battery voltage 18V
Battery capacity 2,5 / 5,0 Ah
Size (L x H) 370mm x 120mm
Weight without battery

1,9 kg