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Dedicated to Your Vehicle

Optimum Polymer Technologies is dedicated to making your vehicle shine through modern polymers and advanced surface-friendly formulas. Optimum is owned and operated by Dr. David Ghodoussi, an organic chemist whose specialty is polymers and automotive paint formulations. With his unique perspective, Dr. Ghodoussi has developed a line of car care products that prolong the beauty of your vehicle with the latest innovations in surface care. Optimum products will exceed your expectations!


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Optimum Car Care

At Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT), works closely with car manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and other OEM suppliers to develop the most advanced automotive detailing products in the marketplace.

Race Chips für Jedes Auto

Das Performance Engineering Unternehmen RaceChip stellt seine neue Produktpalette vor Göppingen, 14.11.2017. Nur kurze Zeit nach der Vorstellung des neuen Spitzenprodukts GTS Black stellt Chiptuning-M